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Going to amazing places where I want to take pictures is how I plan my trips. I try to see the everyday life in those locations - the quiet secret places, the errands of people and the animals that share our spaces. One of my inspirations is National Geographic magazine.  I have a large and growing collection which I acquired upon my father’s passing almost five years ago… as a young girl I grew up exploring the world through their pages.  My husband David describes my photos as "Global Realism".  I think he means that they are truthful and tangible photos from across the globe cutting away the screen that we are usually shown of foreign places in the safety of life.  This is what I do when I'm away from my work and still trying to channel that artistic bent that I leverage in my hair styling career. I see this site as an opportunity to share what I think is interesting and fresh.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding certain images or printing options, or just to say hello!

xoxo - Meghan.

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