this year is off to a great start...

I'm feeling so lucky because I was invited to be in 2 group art shows in two weeks.  The first one was on January 29th at The Media Hub. My fellow artist friend Ryan Poworoznik has been working so hard at trying to open a gallery and he threw a great fundraising event 

These are the pieces I chose for the show.... 

Salkantay, Peru Image Four

Cusco, Peru Image Two

India, Part 1  Image Eleven

India, Part 2  Image Twenty One

It was wonderful to be surrounded by amazing talented artists and see what everyone is up to... plus it was an incredible opportunity to purchase some new pieces for my home

Also if you have a moment ... here's an article about Ryan and his project

I have the Salkantay Peru, the Cusco Peru and the India Image Eleven prints left over from the show selling for the show price for $80  ( they are 16x24 foam core mounts ) .... please help my house not overflow with art - ha ha! 

All Images are available for purchase through my website or for other inquiries please contact me at

xoxo Meg